About Us

An innovative new business venture, positioned to make life easier for visitors coming to the island, initiated in 2001, by young entrepreneurs, Donnacinth and Janine. As parents themselves they understand the hassle of traveling with children and their necessities. They both envisioned the need for this service type in Anguilla; hence they created a solution to meet the needs of vacationers (with children) who constantly struggle with tons of luggage to ensure the comfort of their little ones.

Today, Donnacinth and Janine have shared their business vision with couple and parents, McMillan and Twyla. We have embraced this business venture, utilizing our career skills in the fields of graphics, marketing and the tourism hospitality industry, we’ve further developed, by offering more baby equipment on the products list, and adding complimentary services- Events Planning & Management “It’s a small world” offering babysitting/child care services, shopping service and children events/activities. Thus positioning Travel Lite, Anguilla as a full service baby equipment rental and supply company; dedicated to accommodating the needs of traveling families.

As the premiere baby equipment rental and supply company in Anguilla, Travel Lite carries a large inventory of popular name brand items for your baby/toddler. Recognition as a leader in providing superior customer service and high quality products is driven by our #1 priority- Cleanliness and Safety! 
As parents ourselves, we strive to provide the best available products to our infant.  We do continuous research to ensure that we have the latest and safest products for our clientele- just as we would provide to our infant.  For this reason we are committed to offering only premium brand rental equipment that meets/exceeds current JPMA and/or ASTM safety standards. We take pride in ensuring the safety of our customers, through constant monitoring for recalls on our entire inventory. Between each use and prior to delivery, all equipment is safety checked, and sanitized with non- toxic, baby and environmentally friendly antibacterial products. 

You'll always recognize us, by our signature blue and green (traveling stork) logo, which is the epitome of "Kids' solutions for lite travel".


Amidst the mental and physical chaos, travelling to Anguilla, with your baby/child, choose Travel Lite, Anguilla; breathe easy and relax while you travel. Travel Lite, Anguilla delivers all the ‘at home comforts’ to your accommodation- hassle free- The perfect solution for traveling with baby! 

Community Outreach

We also engage in community outreach programs, to benefit other youngsters and support mom- related events on the island.

Travel Lite, Anguilla is a member of the community; we care about the things that have meaning in the lives of our neighbours. As a small business giving back to our community, we:

  • Co-sponsor and co-host, the annual Kids Connect!- Summer Camp, a cultural and educational program designed for children, between the ages of 5-12, aimed at Enhancing social skills, Encouraging team spirit and Fostering leadership traits of young minds!
  • Provide marketing support and volunteer hours to the Arijah children’s Foundation, an organization whose aim is ‘to manifest a successful childcare and development centre in Anguilla for special needs children’
  • Support and volunteer hours every summer (2006-present) to Prince& Princess contestants of the Orealia Kelly Primary School -In preparation for participation in the Prince& Princess pageant as part of Anguilla’s Summer Festival.
  • Support and Volunteer hours every summer (2004-present) to Panache Couture’s annual fashion runway excursion- Local, aspiring fashion designer; Charla Connor.
  • Support and Volunteer hours to, “Women With Heart” -Breast Cancer fundraising foundation.

For such little people, babies sure need a lot of stuff, avoid the pre- and post- vacation stress, of packing, lugging and tracking all the things you try to bring on vacation, see our Products list and Events Planning & Management Services for full details on the products and services we offer. Consider Travel Lite, Anguilla to help make your travel to Anguilla a little lighter!

Warmest regards,
                      McMillan & Twyla